Ambady’s Green Meadows, Kadungallur, Aluva



Top quality construction

Pile foundation even for villas, high quality finishes.


Low density construction

The density of construction reflects the open space and ambience of a project. To gauge the density of construction of a project, one should check the FAR of the project. FAR is the ratio of the total constructed area divided by the total land area. FAR according to Kerala building rules is 1.5. ie; the total constructed area is 1.5 times the land area. But the FAR normally adopted by builders is 2.5. However at Ambady's Green Meadows (Phase I), the average FAR is far below the norms. Since the constructed area at "Green Meadows" is far below the prescribed norms, the end result is abundant open space


Water supply will be arranged from the local government/ panchayat supply system.


Terms & Conditions of Allotment

The contract price shall be confirmed when allotment is made. These prices are based on current prices of land and construction materials and labour costs and shall be revised if there is an inordinate increase in total construction costs. Once confirmed the price is firm without escalation. Ambady Constructions reserves the right to cancel allotments and refund amounts paid without interest without assigning any reason.Stamp duties, fees and other expenses incidental to the registration of documents, KSEB deposit, cable charges and expenses incidental to power and lighting connection, property tax, water tax, sales tax, service tax, and any other taxes applicable shall be met by the allottee. Any increase in the above charges resulting from statutory obligations shall also be met by the allottee. Dimensions, designs, details, proposed amenities/facilities are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of the Promoter. 

The super built area of the premises is inclusive of share in service and common areas. Dimensions, details and areas provided in the accompanying literature are approximate and are subject to alteration without notice. The website does not constitute a legal offer.

All payments should be made by way of Demand Draft/local crossed A/c Payee cheques in favour of Ambady Constructions.





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